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Nunataq works alongside our clients on cutting edge projects across the Northern Rockies and the world.  From maps and plans to films, our library of projects continues to grow. Take a look around and check out what we have been up to."



Nunataq has its roots in the field of Urban and Regional planning with certifications and experience in land use, local economic, policy planning and project management. Working with local, regional and indigenous governments, organizations and the United Nations Nunataq has collaborated with clients to build innovative and practical plans.

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Risks of a changing climate are here, today we must not only reduce emissions but adapt to the risk. From more frequent droughts and forest fires to bigger storm surge and rising seas the impacts of a changing climate pose risks to people and ecosystems. Nunataq understands these risks and the impacts on economies, people and the environment well. Working with communities and organizations from the High Arctic to the Philippines we have worked to increase resilience through risk management, land use planning and disaster risk reduction.  

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Nunataq is dedicated to presenting leading science to non-experts, from taxi drivers to our own grandmothers we want to make science approachable. We use our skills in GIS analysis, mapping, graphic design and visual storytelling to create maps, infographics and engaging handouts that distil complex systems into  engaging and fun to use products.  In step with the Resilient C research team ( at the University of British Columbia we created infographics, videos, aerial images and case study visuals to tell the story of managing risk in the Salish Sea.  Working with leading environmental organizations, United Nations organizations, scientists, engineers and urban planners we continue to design the future of good science communication.

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