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Nunataq Regional and Indigenous Planning

Nunataq is grounded in systems thinking

Across the world, from Montana to the high Arctic, evidence of human and animal life can be found on these striking summits. Nunataqs are islands of life in a severe and ever changing environment.

Nunataq embodies this unique environment.
In this place, 
storytelling and regional planning science come together to create lasting solutions in a changing world.

In step with our clients we draw from traditional and western knowledge to face pressing issues and tell powerful stories. We work where science and art meet  because that's where the good stuff happens.

Nunataq[nuhn-uh-tak] (n.) : A ridge, mountain, or peak within an ice field or glacier. Also called glacial islands. (origin: Inuit language)


Indigenous Planning
Indigenous Planning
Indigenous Planning
Indigenous Planning
Regional and Indigenous Planning

What is a B-CORP?


Nunataq Inc. is among a few companies that aim for a more balanced “triple bottom line”—measuring our success not just by profit, but how we treat our people and planet. Other examples of B Corps include Patagonia and Ben & Jerry’s. Simply stated, we know that good words do not last long unless they amount to something -- we like to walk the walk.

Certified by the non-profit B Lab, B Corps hold an above-and-beyond commitment to healthier employees, sustainable practices, transparency, and accountability. Our B Corp status was earned for a variety of reasons.



How We Walk the Walk:


  • We measure, reduce then offset remaining carbon emissions. Our 35 tonnes of carbon emitted doing business in 2018 was offset by supporting the Santana Clean Development Mechanism micro-hydro project in Brazil. 

  • We locally source of goods and services from small and local businesses, many of which are women-owned.

  • We rent an energy efficient office space.

  • We use active transport daily, yay bikes!

  • We offer above the “living wage” reciprocity and benefit packages (including flexible schedules) for employees.

  • We prioritize mentorship and capacity building in projects with small and Indigenous governments

  • We donate our time to high impact sociocultural and environmental projects.

  • We give back, donating 5% of our yearly profits monthly to effective regional environmental social justice and Indigenous-led organizations

"Make the best films and plans, support good decisionmaking, take care of our clients and employees, use our platform and privilege to build resilient regions, vibrant local economies and equitable societies"

Nunataq is proud to be a B-CORP.

Nunataq's MISSION:

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