On the ground or in the air our video production and direction will leave you

and your audience stunned. We will work together to make your ideas into beautiful stories. All of this, in stunning 4K resolution.

Nunataq[nuhn-uh-tak] (n.) : A ridge, mountain, or peak within an ice field or glacier. Also called glacial islands. (origin: Inuit language)

Nunataq is grounded in systems thinking

Across the world's mountain ranges, Nunataqs bear evidence of human and animal life on these striking summits amidst the cryosphere of planet earth -- islands of life in a severe and ever-changing environment.

Our namesake honors Arctic & Indigenous mentors who have mentored us from the beginning, and the power of mountain environments to grant a powerful view of life from above. We aim to carry the wisdom shared and clarity granted above in our daily work as citizens in the society below --  to better steward the land and human well-being.

In step with our clients, we draw from traditional and western knowledge to face pressing policy issues and tell powerful stories. In practice, we blend storytelling, science communication, GIS and regional planning science to create better decisions and lasting solutions in a changing world. We work where science and art meet because that's where the good stuff happens.


Founded in 2018 by AICP certified regional planner and award-winning filmmaker Christopher J. Carter, the team at Nunataq is here to listen to your needs and work with you to create exceptional visual and planning solutions.















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Where Our Work Takes Us

We work in North America and world regions with clients on pressing issues and stories. This has led us to far away places working with great people. Follow our live projects in Red and explore our completed projects and partners in Blue.

Nunataq has its roots in the field of Urban and Regional planning with certifications and experience in land use, local economic, policy planning and project management. Working with local, regional and indigenous governments, organizations and the United Nations Nunataq has collaborated with clients to build innovative and practical plans.

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